برند نرس – nurse

Nurse brand – nurse

Nars brand is one of the brands under Jane Group, which has more than 40 years of experience in designing and producing all kinds of strollers, carriers and cricket in Spain.

Also, the range of its products based on research and development is constantly and continuously changing.

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In designing its products, nurse, in addition to the convenience of children, also pays attention to the needs of parents in terms of ease of use, and this is one of the things that distinguishes the company’s products from other competitors.

The company’s policy is that features such as safety, comfort and durability in all products are guaranteed for a long time and are more competitive in terms of price compared to other Jane Group brands.

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آدرس: تهران – بلوار میرداماد – خیابان شمس تبریزی شمالی – پلاک ۱۴ – واحد ۳

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